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REVIEW: Lord Byron—Seven Takes by David Mason

Thank you to David Mason, of The Hudson Review, for this latest review

Excerpt: "The curse of comedy: we don’t take it seriously enough. The blessing of comedy: it subverts our seriousness.

We are accustomed to thinking of Lord Byron as a comic genius—author of Beppo, The Vision of Judgment, Don Juan, etc.—and perhaps we do this partly to whittle his prodigious output down to a manageable size. He wrote so much in his thirty-six hyperactive years that we just can’t squeeze the bulk of it into our distracted lives. Not all of the work is comic, not all of it meant to be read at high velocity. Some of it is as tortured and fragmented as other works we associate with Romanticism. Byron contained multitudes.

Two new books by major Byron scholars, Jerome McGann and Bernard Beatty, propose revisionist ways of reading the canon." READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE -

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